Re: C= parts: Amiga ROMs

From: Marcello Magnifico (
Date: 2000-12-11 22:31:04

> > Authorized Commodore Servicers could get those seals.  The presence of a
> > warranty seal does not guarantee that the computer has not been altered.

> I asked him if he has ever brought his A500+ from an Authorized service, but
> he replied NO...

Hi, Dan!
	I might simply think that the A500+ was modified _in_ a Commodore
Service Center (isn't the KS1.3 an original C= part?) to run games, on
demand by its first owner. Changing the ROM with an earlier type doesn't
void the warranty, especially if the modification was made by an
authorized serviceperson. So, another silver sticker was placed.
	Another possible hypothesis is that the original 2.04 ROM went
flaky after passing QC, and that it was replaced with
"any-suitable-chip-and-quickly-sucka!" after the machine first turned red
for the shame. Same result.


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