Re: free stuff in Italy (was : stuff going free in u.k.)

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Date: 2000-12-12 20:14:13

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> No hardware at all, sorry. I might catch out many programs from my
> "type'n'run" magazines of the Golden Age, but it will be a long work
> of search and photocopying: I ought do that with a very low priority.

Uhm, I'm not interested in "listati".

> doesn't mind at all about those tapes. There's something interesting for
> the VIC-20 on the two issues of POCKET PET magazine I photocopied from the
> Cremona public library. You could like more the whole copies of those,
> than just the articles about the VIC; just let me know.

It can be interesting, yes.
Can you tell me more precisely what about the VIC is in these copies?

> If I can put together a reasonable quantity of something that you find
> interesting, might we organize a materials exchange? I'm pretty confident
> we'll be able to negotiate an agreement convenient for both parts. By the
> way, I'm in long search of old "nerdish" italian magazines and books. List
> follows, in the case you or someone else can help.

I'm sorry but I can't help you in that way, because I haven't got ANY of
these magazines...
(I was too young...)

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