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> > Kickstart being spread accross 2 x 128K x 16bits chips = 512K.
> So, on the A600 the KS chip is 256K x 16bit = 512Kb?
Kickstart 1.3 (and below) is 128K x 16bit = 256K
Kickstart 2.04 (as used in A500 and A2000's) 256K x 16bit = 512K
Note: Kickstart 2.05 was created because the A600 needed bootcode
for its IDE and PCMCIA

> > Thus an A1200 has a data path twice as wide (32) and twice as
> > (14Mhz) as A500-A1000-A2000 models, but still 512Kbyte.
> Only the Kickstart 3.2 of the Walker prototype was 1Mb, I think.
Alas, No.
The prototypes used regular A1200 Kickstarts, i.e. 3.0-3.1.
Mostly because Guru Olaf Barthel had'nt completed his OS work at
the time the Walkers were in active development.
Mazet still displays one (with the "helmet" chassis) in their
company lobby.
Petro has the Walker prototype seen at the Amiga shows (a well
deserved trophy for him!).
Most "Walker prototypes" are printed circuit boards with hacks and
sockets all over them, not display or production models.
I have actually gone over the design (touched&tested) of the
Walker prototypes at the company location in Erfurt E. Germany.
This I know because I worked at Amiga Inc. as HW engineer, and
worked some in Germany. ( during the Gateway daze...)
> Ciao!
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BTW: Your english is great!

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