Re: C= IC's (2)
Date: 2000-12-03 23:20:06

Hallo William,

> Here is some more information on those chips.  Your list mixes Commodore
> part numbers and chip numbers.  I have supplied the Commodore part numbers
> where I have them.

Many thanks. I didn't even know that there existed a PN beside the chip number.

>           251828-03       (I have information on the -01(40 pin) and -02
>                           (42 pin) versions.  How does the -03 differ?)

I collected three of every available chip for research. I have over 240 of 
these chips only to find out now by this question that I haven't collected any 
of these :(

>            325340-03       6500/1 CPU for 1520

You mean that this is the original 6500, the 6800-pincompatible 6502?

>            901885-01       8050 6530-47 RIOT DOS 2.7 Micropolis
>                            (This doesn't look right.  I have 901885-04
>                             for the 6530-47)
This is according the info from other members. But why can't your 04 be an 
improved version of the 01?

>            HM4716A         Hitachi 16K*1 DRAM (This is correct)

Nice, now I can repair my ZX Spectrum :) Oops, did I say something wrong?

Does somebody know the pinouts of the square 8520? Thanks.

Groetjes, Ruud

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