Re: C= IC's (2)

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-12-03 09:35:46 wrote:
> For Christian Stich:
> You see how many 5710's and 8568's I have.... But we can talk about the 901885.
> The problem is that I have to find them first. I didn't know what they were
> until I read your and Petri Andrases mail. Otherwise I would have laid them
> apart for being a PET/CBM-freak myself.

I once had a source of 5710 and 8568, and ordered one of each to have a
spare for my 128DCR. It was and they had reasonable prices
for them (I think DM10 each), but last time I looked the Commodore stuff
disappeared from their homepage and they couldn't give me an answer if
they still have them or not :-( I have that suspicion that a certain
German individual with horrible prices bought the whole stuff from there
:-( Maybe if some more people show interest for the Commodore ICs at, they will give an answer what happened to it.


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