Re: C= IC's (2)
Date: 2000-12-03 23:20:06

Hallo Pasi,

This is about what I had in mind. The info I wanted to store were the coded 
chips like the ROMs plus memoryrange and meaning and maybe the boardcode (like 

> CBM MODEL 3032                2001-32         Serial NO. 1324527      Made in 
> U.S.A.
>       Copyright 1978 Commodore International
>       MOS MPS 6520 5079 A
>       MOS MPS 6520 4779 A
>       MOS MPS 6522 4879
>       MOS MPS 6502 5179
>       MOS 901465-22 2980
>       MOS 901447-29 2480
>       MOS 901465-21 2980
>       MOS 901465-20 4080
>       MOS 901465-23 4680
>       Malaysia 7945 SN74154N

In this case the boardcode, range and meaning is missing but I hope to fill it 
in one day. The reason I want the boardcode is in case somebody runs into a 
board where codes have been erased for one reason or to locate it easier.

Even WO the rest of the info this list is very helpfull in giving me new 
numbers to add to my list.

Anyway, I'm going to use this list as base, that's for sure !!! (And it will 
save me a lot of typing :) )

>       Mid board (CP/M expansion?):    0582 ASSY 324038 FAB 324036

AFAIK you need a Z80 or 8080 to run CP/M. Funny, this morning I ran into a 
computermuseum on internet and looking at a 610 the comment said it was capable 
of running CP/M.

Groetjes, Ruud

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