Basic compilers on PET?

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2000-10-16 11:01:48

On Saturday, I removed the copy protection I mentioned a couple of weeks
ago.  The same protection was used in all modules of the program, and the
routine was located in exactly the same addresses.  My fix is simple:
replace a JSR with an RTS, and alter the following byte to keep the simple
checksum calculator routine happy.

The programs start with a line "0 SYS1058".  They must have been written
in Finland, since all file names originate from Finnish.  It looks like
compiled BASIC, since e.g. pressing the STOP key produces a message
"?BREAK IN <some line number>".  Now my question is: what BASIC compilers
were available for the PET, and are there easy ways to recognize them?
The run-time library appears to be about 4 kilobytes.

I remember that PETspeed requires a dongle while compiling the program,
but I don't know if some compilers offered the possibility to check for a
dongle while the compiled program is executed.


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