Re: Basic compilers on PET?

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-10-27 13:40:01

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> The programs start with a line "0 SYS1058".  They must have been written
> in Finland, since all file names originate from Finnish.  It looks like
> compiled BASIC, since e.g. pressing the STOP key produces a message
> "?BREAK IN <some line number>".  Now my question is: what BASIC compilers
> were available for the PET, and are there easy ways to recognize them?
> The run-time library appears to be about 4 kilobytes.
> I remember that PETspeed requires a dongle while compiling the program,
> but I don't know if some compilers offered the possibility to check for a
> dongle while the compiled program is executed.

I just received email from phs-edv (distributor of the C64S emulator),
and they sold a BASIC compiler for PETs that creates dongle protected
compiled programs. I have the raw scanned version of its manual now and
it clearly mentions that there were two versions of the compiler: a
personal version that creates unprotected programs and a commercial or
enterprise version that creates dongle protected programs. The compiler
was of course always dongle protected. Unfortunately it seems that the
compiler itself was lost, all that is left is a C64 version of it ...

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