Re: Star Commander v 0.81 buggy & Max games

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 2000-10-15 22:52:28

> I had just discovered the the v.81 version of Star Commnader can be
> pretty buggy.  For the past evening I was having probalems getting a
> reliable image to come out of it using a Compaq 386 and an X1541 cable.
> For the most part the image was fine but within the images single bytes
> were mangled (I believe in a pattern, recalling the cable ML I was
> converting...)  regardless of that Peter Barton confirmed my problems
> when he posted on Comp.sys.cbm as he was also using a 486 clone and was
> having similar problems.  He found the solution in Star Commander .82
> beta and it worked for me as well.

Right. .81 versions can't correctly transfer some disk images. That was confirmed by
author aswell. BTW, the 0.82 beta's I can't run on some machines. Especially on slow

386's and fast K6-2's.


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