Re: Basic compilers on PET?

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2000-10-17 05:02:44

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> On Saturday, I removed the copy protection I mentioned a couple of weeks
> ago.  The same protection was used in all modules of the program, and the
> routine was located in exactly the same addresses.  My fix is simple:
> replace a JSR with an RTS, and alter the following byte to keep the simple
> checksum calculator routine happy.
> The programs start with a line "0 SYS1058".  They must have been written
> in Finland, since all file names originate from Finnish.  It looks like
> compiled BASIC, since e.g. pressing the STOP key produces a message
> "?BREAK IN <some line number>".  Now my question is: what BASIC compilers
> were available for the PET, and are there easy ways to recognize them?
> The run-time library appears to be about 4 kilobytes.
> I remember that PETspeed requires a dongle while compiling the program,
> but I don't know if some compilers offered the possibility to check for a
> dongle while the compiled program is executed.
>         Marko

PETspeed would be my first guess, but I didn't know of a dongle for
runtime, unless it was a software house offering compilation services
and wanted to bill them for licenses (dongles).

Maybe its either DTL Basic or Austrospeed? not sure how old Austrospeed
(Blitz in the US) is, but that's the only one I know that gives any sort
of line number reference when an error or break occurs.  PETspeed is an
optimising compiler and I think it reports any errors at compilation
time in a log file.

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