Re: NTSC-C64

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-09-04 13:11:32

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> Also the RF modulator is probably different, but that doesn't matter if
> you are using the audio/video connector.

It is different, NTSC modulators output VHF signals (channel 2-4), while
PAL-G/I modulators ouput UHF (channel 36, on older models adjustable).
But I already converted a C64 to NTSC and the monitor output works just
perfect with the PAL modulator.

> Obtaining a 17.734472 MHz crystal in America might be a problem, so you

It even seems to be a problem in Germany. I wanted to have a few spare
ones but never found them. But when you just gave up to find them they
appear in the next catalogue you look at ;-) Kessler electronic in
Germany has them, I posted the complete address a few days ago in
c.s.c/c.e.c because of the Userport plugs and cases.

> By the way, it's not completely necessary to swap the crystal or to touch
> the jumper that selects the clock divisor.  The clock frequency does not
> matter unless you want floppy speeders to work properly, or if your TV
> does not otherwise synchronize to the video output (or if you want the
> SID to produce the music frequencies correctly).

A few people also told me that they did not do the complete conversion,
because of trouble with floppy speeders or speeder cartridges. I did the
full conversion, and now that a new Action Replay patch with both
PAL/NTSC support is being made ( I can also use the AR6 on a
real NTSC machine. The current beta works fine and already has the most
annoying AR6 bugs fixed. 

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