Re: NTSC-C64

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2000-09-04 12:46:11

On Mon, 4 Sep 100 wrote:

> On the other hand the only differences are
> - the VIC-chip
> - the crystal
> - a wire
> (unless I'm wrong)

Also the RF modulator is probably different, but that doesn't matter if
you are using the audio/video connector.

> The last two items are no problem. The first one is (otherwise I wasn't 
> writing this email). Is there anybody willing to swap a NTSC-VIC for a 
> PAL-one?

Obtaining a 17.734472 MHz crystal in America might be a problem, so you
should probably swap the crystals as well.  (The 14.318181 MHz crystal can
be found e.g. in PC clones.)  And note that you should get a 6567R8 and
not a 6567R56A if you want to run all demos.  The older revision produces
262 lines and consumes 64 cycles per line, while later revisions produce
263 lines by 65 cycles.

By the way, it's not completely necessary to swap the crystal or to touch
the jumper that selects the clock divisor.  The clock frequency does not
matter unless you want floppy speeders to work properly, or if your TV
does not otherwise synchronize to the video output (or if you want the
SID to produce the music frequencies correctly).


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