Alternat BLOCK-xxxx formats
Date: 2000-09-04 14:11:04

Hallo allemaal,

I was analyzing several BLOCK commands and run into the following trouble. 
The first command I gave was PRINT#15,"U1";2;0;18;1 and this ended alright. 
The altrnatives are 
PRINT#15,"UA:"2;0;18;1  and
The last one is the one causing trouble saying 70,NO CHANNEL,0,0. I think 
the trouble is that the number "2" is interpreted a character, not as 
The original text (Diskdrive 1570/71 Users's Guide P/N 325 135/02) page 68 
says PRINT#15,"U1:channel#;drive#;track#;sector#". 
How am I supposed to use this command NOT using extra double quotes (")?

(I need this info for my disk emulator PC-Disk)


Groetjes, Ruud

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