6803 and Sister H

From: Nicolas Welte (welte_at_chemie.uni-konstanz.de)
Date: 2000-07-21 21:24:58

I just downloaded the 6801/6803 datasheet from that freetradezone (great
hint!) and had a short look into it. When I read about the EPROM version
of the 6801, the 68701, a bell rang. I think there once was a printer
interface project in 64er magazine with that chip, and I think they
mentioned a cross assembler for it that runs on the 64. I only think the
chip they used was only 28pin not 40 pin. Anyway, I'll look up that
artile ...

Now for Sister H. Some may remember that the Demo disk for the Commodore
SFX sound expander has a secret program and somehow there is that
mysterious Sister H involved. Today I received another SFX program, the
Commodore Music Maker 128 (disk version, actually Music Maker II), which
is basically a keyboard overlay that converts the C128 keyboard into a
tiny piano keyboard plus a music program. This disk also contains a
reference to Sister H and another secret program, and also mentions that
this is the 9th incidence of it! So there must be at least seven others!
Let's count what programs the registration card lists:

Sound Expander 64/128 (we have this)
Music Maker II 128 (just described)
Music Maker 64
Music Maker II 64
Sound Sampler 64/128 
Sound Studio 64/128
Playalong Albums (Beatles, Pop Hits, Popular Classics are listed)

Not listed is the Sound Editor for the Sound Expander (is on funet, but
Sister H hides very well or is absent).

This leaves exactly seven disks I haven't seen so far. Anybody has them?
Probably they will also contain the read error on 18,18 as a copy
protection, which also appeared on the MM 128 disk. As soon as I removed
it I will upload it to funet.


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