Re: IC technical data

From: Mark (
Date: 2000-07-21 16:38:31

On 21-Jul-00, Richard Atkinson wrote:
> I've just noticed the excellent job Marko has done in organising the
> chipdata directory on funet:
> Does whoever found the T6721A datasheet still have access to that library?
> It would be really useful to have Motorola 68xx series parts there too,
> such as the 6803, 6847, 6883 and 6832, not to mention the 6845 (of
> course).

Go to
After registering, log in. Click the Design Center button.
Find datasheets in PDF format there for the T6721A, 6803, 6847 and 6845.

You can also request that data sheets be added for devices which are not there

(This web site requires that your browser support Javascript and cookies, and
of course you need to be able to view PDF files.)

-- Mark

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