Re: 6803 and Sister H

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-07-22 09:13:14

Nicolas Welte wrote:
> I just downloaded the 6801/6803 datasheet from that freetradezone (great
> hint!) and had a short look into it. When I read about the EPROM version
> of the 6801, the 68701, a bell rang. I think there once was a printer
> interface project in 64er magazine with that chip, and I think they
> mentioned a cross assembler for it that runs on the 64. I only think the
> chip they used was only 28pin not 40 pin. Anyway, I'll look up that
> article ...

That was a 68705 and the cross assembler is just a BASIC program that
reads in the source code from data lines. Now the question remains if
the 68705 and 68701 are code compatible ...


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