Re: Data storage on CD-Audio -- bad news.

From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 1999-10-25 15:25:05 wrote:
> For one thing, there are DAC's inside a CD-player and they need bits to make
> a sample. And this information does not match with yours saying you put some
> bit patterns on a CD and they don't come out exactly as expected. My first
> gues would be they would not come out at all as expected. But they partly do
> so: confusion :(
> If I got you right, in case of the 101000 bitstream you wanted to end up with
> a wave-pattern which should look as similar as the bitpattern itself. But it 
> doesn't. My idea: what about recording some known "music"-bitpatterns and
> then to look on the CD hoe the real bit pattern looks like?

Well, I used cdrecord, which can accept a raw binary stream of 'music'. I'm
quite sure that I recorded said disk in the right way :) 

Furthermore, it's not that this mess is completely unexpected..

> Another idea: whabout only using the 22 and 11 KHz-signal? 22 KHz = 0 and 11 
> KHZ = 1.

Well, I haven't found time to complete my interface last weekend, but I think
that the whole idea is still possible. Maybe not at 4 kb/s, but most
definately at 2.2 kb/s

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