Re: Data storage on CD-Audio -- bad news.

From: Levente Hársfalvi (
Date: 1999-10-26 11:14:26


Martijn van Buul írta:

> > Another idea: whabout only using the 22 and 11 KHz-signal? 22 KHz = 0 and 11
> > KHZ = 1.
> Well, I haven't found time to complete my interface last weekend, but I think
> that the whole idea is still possible. Maybe not at 4 kb/s, but most
> definately at 2.2 kb/s

I'm not really interested in this recording stuff (...well I don't even
have a CD player instead of my CD-ROM in the computer). But here's
another idea.

CD players expect waves that usually were recorded in studios, all with
the usual low-pass filter stuff. Also, the
oversampling/interpolating/etc. DAC's in the players were optimized for
such soft waves and not at all for this square-like bitstream signal.
What if the stream, before recording to the CD, was rather optimized for
transmitting sinusoidal waves (like modems do through a telephone line
anyway)? Then the DAC would cause less troubles (since it should better
re-generate those soft waves) and there would be also less problems with
the analog to bitstream decoding logic.

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