Re: 128D "switch mode" PSU info req

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-10-25 15:05:50

Colin J Thomson wrote:
> Hi all,
> <I posted this to the "NG" but a friend suggested I try this list.>
> After the very good success I had with bringing the European 128D "Switch
> Mode" PSU up to scratch, to help with SCPU problems, I would like to look
> into it a little further.
> Can anyone point me in the right direction or has anyone got a circuit
> diagram of this PSU? it must be the "Switch Mode" type..I have searched
> the Net with no luck :(

I own the C128/C128D service manual, but it doesn't cover the plastic
128D at all, only the 128DCR. So there is no PSU schematic in there.
When I got a 128D from a fleamarket one year ago, I had to first
disasseble it because the disk drive had a mechanical failure. After
that I installed the drive power connector in a wrong way, so there was
a shortcut between the 5V and 12V line. This caused the crowbar of the
5V part to shutdown the PS completely. While searching for the fault
inside the PS, I started making my own schematic of it, but probably
it's only half finished because I realized the real problem soon enough

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