Re: Commodore BTX Modul

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-10-06 18:05:41

John West McKenna wrote:
> Oh - I also have a logic analyser.  I think I've got a Plus4 hidden away
> somewhere, along with a few Vic20s, C64s, and a 128D.  If anyone wants to
> dig out any secrets, give me a short BASIC program that I can type in, and
> I'll tell you exactly what any signals you like are up to.

I don't have any programs yet, and I think to get any useful
measurements from your logic analyzer it has to be supplied with a
trigger signal from the software. I can trigger my DSO from the
computer's video output, so it is quite easy to get reproducible
readings. And I also need to look at the signals myself anyway, because
I need a reference for an eventual 6502 to 8501 adaptor. 

But of course a logic analyzer has the big advantage of being able to
monitor the whole address and data bus and maybe even the control
signals at once, so you can directly see what memory access happens
during each cycle. Maybe even one of the already existing programs to
watch memory accesses in unconnected memory areas could be modified to
trigger the logic analyzer and then the two measurements can be directly

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