Re: Commodore BTX Modul

From: peter karlsson (
Date: 1999-10-06 17:48:58

> Ah, confusing. So Teletext is what is called Videotext in Germany, an
> additional service on TV broadcasts? 

That's correct.

> And Videotex is what we call Bildschirmtext, the online service?

Videotex is the name for the underlying format that Bildschirmtext uses. As
far as I have gathered, BTX uses a somewhat enhanced version of it, because
all references I've seen to Swedish videotex services (hmm, Teledata I
believe the name was) do have the old teletext 2x3 block graphics stuff.
(The same graphics, BTW, was used in the Swedish Luxor ABC computers, making
them very well suited for videotex...).

> I know that there were several levels of this service, so probably an
> older version allowed only simple text and block graphics, and CEPT is
> the newer one. 


> I know that they replaced it sometimes later with KIT, which was finally
> fully capable of displaying graphics, but that is obsolote now as well
> since they want to be an Internet provider now.

Is BTX still around in Germany, accessible with the old hardware/software?

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