Re: Commodore BTX Modul

From: John (
Date: 1999-10-06 15:41:06

Richard Atkinson writes:

>PCB inside contains 4K of SRAM and an EPROM of unidentified size, plus a
>Philips SAA video chip of some kind and some PAL colour encoding
>circuitry. There's a large number of discrete devices in there too and
>another 40 pin DIL IC, so perhaps it has its own processor.

If you post the numbers on the Philips chip and the other one, I can
probably identify them for you.  I've got the Philips video databooks
somewhere...  That should give more of a clue what it does.

Oh - I also have a logic analyser.  I think I've got a Plus4 hidden away
somewhere, along with a few Vic20s, C64s, and a 128D.  If anyone wants to
dig out any secrets, give me a short BASIC program that I can type in, and
I'll tell you exactly what any signals you like are up to.

John West
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