Re: 10x CLOAD (fwd)

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 1999-10-05 20:46:14

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> This is an old idea, but still worth of investigating, since burning CDs
> is so cheap nowadays.  In late 1980s there was one game company that
> released a game CD for the C64 together with an adapter that plugged into
> the cassette port and allowed the connection of a line-level audio signal
> from a CD player to the "cassette read" signal.  The first track could be
> the loader in normal (slow) format, other tracks (how many can there be?)
> can be filled with different programs using a much tighter coding.

What about using digital output of some CD-drives with "play" button?
someone info about SPDIF digital output of digital recorders/CD players?

On Tue, 5 Oct 1999, Martijn van Buul wrote:

>Well, I think that 44100 bit/s is most definately not doable. You assume
>that it is possible to have the CD-player output up to 44K1 edges/second.
>However, since every (decent) CD-player has a low-pass filter on it's output,
>you most definately won't get these.

Digital output contains stereo information. So 44100 bit/s is possible
by using
both channels for data.


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