RE: 128D (plastic) vs 128DCR (metal)

From: Bil Herd <>
Date: Thu, 2 May 2013 17:20:25 -0400
Message-ID: <>
>You don't know what you lost back there! The plastic one has a proper
1571 inside, keyboard garage in the bottom casing, handy handle on one
side and (except the fan) makes much >better impression when it comes to
the attention to details. At least on the outside ;-) The weak point were
two plastic hooks on the back side. Virtually all I have seen somewhere
had at >least one broken.

When I first saw the case in Tokyo I named it "urusai" meaning "noisey"
due to the fan blowing out, they laughed but I think they got the point
and did say they (might) change it.  With that said I appreciated that
they had gone to the trouble of putting one in. :)

The pisser was the 25 conductor cable for the keyboard cost as much as the
VIC and 8563 chips combined!

I will have to see if the plastic hooks on mine are broken on the  Mine has "not an Amiga" written on it in sharpie as a couple
of flunkies tried to walk off with it thinking they could play Marble
Madness.  Amiga envy got so bad that you could go to lunch an come back
and find out Madness wouldn't run because someone swiped the RAM expansion
right out of the powered up unit.  I left Amiga  on in my office just to
listen to the hypnotic music of Mindwalker.

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