Re: 128D (plastic) vs 128DCR (metal)

Date: Thu, 2 May 2013 23:01:23 +0200
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On 2013-05-02, at 22:49, Pete Rittwage wrote:
>>>> So I have one maybe two of the original C128 D in plastic cases with
>>>> the
>>>> original C128 board with the fan in the case.  (My ex-girlfriend's
>>>> little
>>>> brother has my third one)  Did this ever ship?
>>> I am not sure if I understand you correctly but the plastic C128D were
>>> quite popular in EU. Especially in .de. I /think/ the metal one (called
>>> sometimes "Blech Diesel" there) didn't reach the same level of sales as
>>> the plastic one with fan etc.
>> In the 1980s, I read in a Finnish computer magazine that the 128D did
>> not get FCC approval in the US, while the 128DCR (the metal one) got it.
>> So, the 128D(CR) would have been released in the US some time after the
>> 128D was released in the Europe.
>> I got the same impression that the plastic 128D is more common in Europe
>> than the metal 128DCR. I saw a 128DCR only once.
> Yes, we only have 128D(CR) metal ones in the US, so I have never seen a
> plastic one. I'd like to have one for my collection at some point, but
> they never turn up here.

You don't know what you lost back there! The plastic one has a proper 1571 inside, keyboard garage in the bottom casing, handy handle on one side and (except the fan) makes much better impression when it comes to the attention to details. At least on the outside ;-) The weak point were two plastic hooks on the back side. Virtually all I have seen somewhere had at least one broken.

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