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From: Rhialto <>
Date: Fri, 3 May 2013 00:19:39 +0200
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Hi Steve,

On Tue 30 Apr 2013 at 13:29:29 -0700, Steve Gray wrote:
> No problems. I really appreciate you coding it! I also have Ubuntu
> that I run under VirtualBOX too (really just as a test environment..
> but normally I don't do Linux ;-) )

I just reworked the code so that the changes are not invasive in places
outside the PET code. I checked this in in VICE revision r27355.
The nightly Windows builds should pick this up soon (see ) so you can use it too.

> I actually like the ordering from the VDC so I'll probably switch to
> that anyway. I would like to have the foreground colour in the lower
> nibble. I just need to make sure the hardware matches that.

I didn't change any of that, yet. I agree that having the foreground
colour in the lower nibble is nicer.

There are still no menus, partly because of the experimental character
of the hardware. Also because I could only do Xaw/Gnome/SDL menus, not
MSWindows menus. There are 3 command line options:

        RGBI colour extension to PET 4032
        Analog colour extension to PET 4032
-colour-analog-bg <Colour 0-255>
        Analog colour background on PET 4032

which correspond to the settings in the vicerc (or vice.ini?) file named
PETColour (0=off, 1=RGBI or 2=analog) and PETColourBG.

> Steve
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