RE: 128D (plastic) vs 128DCR (metal)

From: Bil Herd <>
Date: Thu, 2 May 2013 17:05:21 -0400
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>In the 1980s, I read in a Finnish computer magazine that the 128D did
>not get FCC approval in the US, while the 128DCR (the metal one) got it.

>So, the 128D(CR) would have been released in the US some time after the
>128D was released in the Europe.

Wow, interesting.  We got both models scanned and approved for emissions
and conduction at the same time as well as the 1571 and the monitor (as a
system as well as components which mostly means the serial cables didn't
spray)  at a company called Radiation Sciences in Harleysville PA. (If you
have ever sat for two weeks while someone scans your stuff you go bonkers,
we got hold of a box of pencils and sharpened them and ran around the
place trying to stab each other) My memory is the FCC signoff for both
came in at the same time in March.  We had actually pre-submitted the
system (Our in house FCC guy was on the ball at this point) and I only
made changes that were automatically approved (Class II preapproved
changes comes to mind) by virtue of jumper wires being less than a certain
distance and no new chips (the REAL reason there are some transistors  on
the production release!)  We also had already submitted and been approved
by UL and Germany was working on VDE.

I am told that the user replaceable fuse got taken out of the c128 power
supply after I left and that was the one thing where I increased the cost
and had to talk management into it.  I just wanted the days of "bricking"
a power supply to be behind us.  To get UL we had to have a tool operated
way to access the fuse, our FCC guy wrote it up as a dime is a tool and
the slotted fused holder was "dime operated".

I wouldn't be surprised if someone didn't keep the FCC status up to date
or something similar after I left, even the management that I had worked
with was already gone so there would have been little continuity.

The C128D was a cool machine I thought, these days you wouldn't buy a
machine that didn't have storage built in.  I was saddened when I
eventually did find out they hadn't rolled it.

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