Re: 6569 luminances

From: Gerrit Heitsch <>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 21:11:20 +0200
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On 05/14/2012 08:45 PM, MikeS wrote:
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>> It will still take the time printed on the EPROM before you get any valid
>> data though.
> Eh? Say what? AFAIK, with /CE low the time it takes to get valid data is
> tOE, e.g. 50ns vs. 200ns in a -200 'C256 (not that it matters at 1MHz).

No, there is also tACC, the time from address input valid to data output 
valid. And that is the time printed on the EPROM and, in most cases, the 
same time as tCE. You can hide tOE inside tACC, but you cannot go below 
tACC. tOE is the time to get the output drivers up, but if tACC is not 
over by then, you get lots of things but not valid data.


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