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Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 15:41:41 -0400
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On 2012-05-14, at 20:45, MikeS wrote:

>> You're reducing the power from as much as ~300ma to ~25ma and that's
>> still
>> not enough for you?

> I think the point is that if more can be saved with relatively small
> effort then it is better than not save it. As he already wrote "few mA
> here, few mA there..". They add up in the end.

Maybe, but I wouldn't call it a *"design flaw"* in Jim's adapter, especially
if saving another few ma might cause issues at higher speeds. As I said, if
it's an issue for you then just add a jumper.

Besides, G's 74LS11 will use up almost half that power saving ;-)

Anyway, the point that's gotten lost in this somewhat picayune discussion
was that instead of making your own 23xx ROM replacement board with pins &
socket and a 74LS11, one of Jim's adapters will do nicely with maybe one or
two minor mods, and also save considerable power.


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