RE: More detail... Help with copying D64 files to Disk

From: Scott <>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 22:19:48 -0400
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Thanks for the reply. 

> It sounds to me like you are trying to run PAL games on an NTSC C64.  Most of
> the time, they crash looking for a raster interrupt that never occurs, since
> there aren't as many screen lines.

> To test this, you can run VICE in NTSC mode to see if the game works before
> transfer.  This isn't a 100% test, because VICE is not exactly like an NTSC C64,
> but it should be mostly close enough.

At first this is what I blamed it on. But then I started getting programs that were made for NTSC and they didn’t work. It seems more fail than pass and what really got me was that the emulators seem to be more standard than my 64 setup. 

Great ideal and Vice is my fav emulator but I did try this. I've had Vice on NTSC since I found the setting and it seems everything works still. I don’t believe that this setting really locks the program down to only NTSC. CCS64 seem to act the same way. I'll check out the 64 forever emulator and see if I have more success with it. It would be great to see a program that doesn’t work on a emulator and works on the 64. But the majority of the D64's I've tried, and I have a ton, work on the emulator but not on the 64. 

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