RE: More detail... Help with copying D64 files to Disk

From: Scott <>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 22:24:08 -0400
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> Taking something really simple and that is ntsc, as stated by others, try 
> adjusting the speed of the transfer through the cable. I recall the the 
> 64hdd.exe program had a lot of switches (slash parameters) to compensate 
> for transfer rate and related issues having to do with sending the data 
> from the newer system to the older to make a disk.  Maybe your program has

> similar switches you can add at the command line and with these
> until you get the correct transfer rate.

Great Ideal, I just tried a "real slow" setting in OpenCBM copying the
program AlleyKat and it acted the same when I tried it on the C64. I'll read
up and if I find something, I will let everyone know. 

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