RE: More detail... Help with copying D64 files to Disk

From: Scott <>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 21:51:31 -0400
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Hello Ruud & Groepaz & thanks for helping me with this. 

> Ruud - I hardly have any troubles with copying D64 to real floppies. But
> not using OpenCBM but Star Commander on W98-DOS. My advise is to create
> a bootable floppy with SC and a some D64 files. If this works fine, IMHO
> the conclusion can only be that your combination of PC and software is
> to blame.

I found a Star Commander Img file and created a 3.5 disk to boot to. I tried
making four different copy's (alt F5) of Bedlam and one copy of Alleykat.
None worked. All of my D64's of Bedlam and Alleykat work in Vice with NTSC
selected (I'm not sure how much this is inforced in Vice). Seems like each
copy acted the same as it did when I used OpenCBM.

> Groepaz - transfer some d64 to your c64 that "must" work. something like
the test/demo 
> disk for example. transfer it, check if the programs can be loaded and
> - then transfer that very disk back to another d64, and check the
>. d64 in emu. if it still works, you can be quite certain that transfering 
> itself works.

> that said, if opencbm doesnt give you errors when transfering, its kinda 
> unlikely that something went wrong. especially when you are running an
> system then its much more likely that the software isnt actually capable
> running on ntsc. keep in mind that even when cracks say "ntsc fixed" it
> doesnt mean they work ok - especially for old stuff it only means that it 
> somehow runs, it may still flicker or even crash ingame. "real" 100% ntsc 
> fixes only emerged later in the scene, something like in the mid 90s. if
> doubt, start trying "oldie" cracks from remember or nostalgia, their ntsc 
> fixes are usually 100% ok.

I took a C64 Demo disk that I had copied earlier and tried running the apps
on the C64, worked great. Took the disk and converted it to a D64 file and
it worked fine in WinVice. Also one of the copies of Bedlam was from

The odd thing is that they all lock after typing run. In the emulator after
run you get the border colors then the crack screen. During the copy I don't
get any errors. It almost like the programs are being loaded to the wrong
member location. 

I going to look for an emulator that will lock down NTSC mode and not let
anything else run (suggestions). I may try the 64 Forever emulator. I really
don't think WinVise or CCS64 does this.  

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