Re: More detail... Help with copying D64 files to Disk

From: Groepaz <>
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 05:55:10 +0200
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On Freitag 23 Oktober 2009, Scott wrote:

> Great ideal and Vice is my fav emulator but I did try this. I've had Vice
> on NTSC since I found the setting and it seems everything works still. I
> don’t believe that this setting really locks the program down to only NTSC.

oh ofcourse it does. if you set vice to ntsc then it works like a ntsc c64 :)

> CCS64 seem to act the same way. I'll check out the 64 forever emulator and
> see if I have more success with it. 

the "64 forever" emulator IS vice :)

> It would be great to see a program that 
> doesn’t work on a emulator and works on the 64. But the majority of the
> D64's I've tried, and I have a ton, work on the emulator but not on the 64.

by now there really arent many programs left that do run on a c64 but not in 
emulation, the emulators really became damn good in the past few years.

that said, i reread what you wrote:

"My Commodore setup:

64C with 2nd 1541 II Drive (Alignment and speed perfect). Epyx Fast load
cartage. C64TPC Adaptor."

... and there is a possible cause, the fastload cart :) remove the fastload 
cart, and remove all devices from the iec bus except the floppy drive. then 
try again :)

that you can transfer basic stuff from the test/demo disk forth and back with 
no problem pretty much proves that the transfer process itself is fine, and 
that your setup is the problem.

there is also a very slight chance that you have one of the rare 64 cycle VICs 
(normally ntsc VICs have 65 cycles per line) - in that case take that c64, 
store it safely, and get another one - hardly anything will work on it, but 
its a nice collectable :) you can try the "ntsc (old)" setting in vice and 
check if it then behaves like your c64 ... or open your c64 and read the chip 
markings on the vic (forgot what revision/number the old ntsc vic is though).


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