Re: AW: Does a nibbler for a CBM 8250 exist?

From: ken ross (
Date: 2005-08-19 01:10:32

have to admit that i've never used windows  ~ don't you have to do
unspeakable things with animals before you  boot it up ? ,

it depends what beastie you've got to hand  for running emutil on ,
it'll work on the C64 & the 8000 series   ~ and if the C64 is hooked up to
the 8250 drive  it'll work happily ,

i have to admit that i've not looked that much into the subject of the 900
other than a shufty at Bo's page just now  !  ~  if the 900 uses the 8250
drive surely the structure of the layout must be similar ? ~   if there was
any great differences  CBM would've had to create another disk drive model
to match the 900 ? ,
after all it's the drive that uses the BAM etc  ,

this thinking may be entirely wrong  !,

what other  commodore hardware have you hanging around ? ~ a solution might
be lurking in a work around ..........

just now my amiga A500+ is hooked up to my 8250  via SIPOD link through my
8096  & AMI-64-LINK ,
( the amiga thinks it's looking into a C64 disk drive and the 8096 thinks
it's hooked up to a C64 ~ then it's messyDOS territory )

( now i'll blow my on trumpet !)
i use my very own lynx8017 to create LNX archives ,
( even bigger fanfare ! )
mr shockley has ported  it over to the B  ( 700 ) series ,


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