AW: Does a nibbler for a CBM 8250 exist?

From: Jan Janssen (
Date: 2005-08-18 23:36:12

Hi Bo, hi Ken!

I have not tried it yet. There is the next problem: I only have the 8250 and
no 2031. So I don't know how to get emutil on my CBM?! any suggestions?
I am pritty sure (more hope) that tracks and sectors are the same?! It is
hard to find informations about the c900 diskdrive!
Have you ever tried to copy a linux-bootdisk with dos? That is no problem
because the copy routine just copies the tracks. But if you try to do it
with the windows-diskcopy you will find it very difficult. I think the this
problem is quite like the 8250 problem?! Please correct me if I am wrong!
If emutil does not try to write or read any 8250 specitic information like
the "Block Availability Map" (BAM) it could work?!
Can anyone sent my the program (on disk) or can you Bo try it with one of
your c900 disks?

Thank You!

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