RE: Does a nibbler for a CBM 8250 exist?

From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2005-08-19 06:12:01

If you want to try EMUTIL, it sounds like you can use your 2031 as a
go-between.  Download the program onto a PC -- transferit to a C64 using one
of the zillions of PC<->C64 transfer methods, then use a C64 and 1541 to
transfer it to a 1541 disk, then load it from the '41 disk using the 2031.  

I'm afraid I can't try it with my own C900 disks, because I don't HAVE any.
Heck, I'm still working on my power supply issue with my C900 -- building
that clock circuit appears to be my only remaining step to bliss.

Even then I'll only have whatever is on the hard drive. :(

- Bo

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> Hi Bo, hi Ken!
> I have not tried it yet. There is the next problem: I only 
> have the 8250 and no 2031. So I don't know how to get emutil 
> on my CBM?! any suggestions? I am pritty sure (more hope) 
> that tracks and sectors are the same?! It is hard to find 
> informations about the c900 diskdrive! Have you ever tried to 
> copy a linux-bootdisk with dos? That is no problem because 
> the copy routine just copies the tracks. But if you try to do 
> it with the windows-diskcopy you will find it very difficult. 
> I think the this problem is quite like the 8250 problem?! 
> Please correct me if I am wrong! If emutil does not try to 
> write or read any 8250 specitic information like the "Block 
> Availability Map" (BAM) it could work?! Can anyone sent my 
> the program (on disk) or can you Bo try it with one of your 
> c900 disks?
> Thank You!
> Jan
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