Plz help with Catweasel programming , I/O Register meaning, Track reading
Date: 2005-08-06 10:03:16

Hi dudes!

Jens Schoenfeld, of Catweasel fame, told me that the source code for his DOS 
1541-reading-tool got lost. I'd be interested in disassembling it and making a 
new version, but I need some information first:

a) What's the meaning of the $0320-$032x I/O-Port registers? 
b) How do I read a whole track from a 1541 disk using Catweasel, and in what 
form do I get the data? MFM-encoded, or something?
c) How do I adjust drive speed?
d) What drive commands are available, and how does it work?

I.e. I'd need a Catweasel programming manual. Any help?


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