Re: it's a boy

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2005-08-05 11:13:34

Hi Ruud, others,

thank you for your congratulations.  Like a friend of mine said, men can
make spontaneous decisions and act quickly if they so wish.  It would
have been even better if the baby had also opened his mouth quickly
after showing his initially blue head.  Those were the longest 30-60
seconds in my life.

Ruud wrote:

> Those two of mine are already old enough. So why not sending me a set so I
> can do that work in coop with Al?

I was going to send you a copy anyway.  But I only have some no-name
DVDs that I do not trust for anything important like this.  I should
get some "Commodore" brand DVDs soon. :-)

I might also give that MD5 thing a try, replacing duplicate files with
hard links.  Then the material might fit on two DVDs.

mkisofs should be able to handle that; at least it is able to turn symbolic
links into hard links, so that you can seemingly fit several gigabytes on
a CD.


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