Re: Plz help with Catweasel programming , I/O Register meaning, Track reading

From: Hársfalvi Levente (
Date: 2005-08-06 12:56:24


You should download and check the Linux Catweasel floppy drivers, 
provided by Michael Krause 
( ) . ...Not exactly 
what you need, but you'll get some ideas, I guess.

BTW, that DOS based 1541 reading tool should be pretty outdated anyway, 
and the Catweasel has evolved at least three generations since then 
(currently, they sell the MK4 ). Any ideas, why JS / Individual 
Computers don't publish the source code of their win32 drivers provided 
with the card?... I don't.


Levente írta:
> Hi dudes!
> Jens Schoenfeld, of Catweasel fame, told me that the source code for his DOS 
> 1541-reading-tool got lost. I'd be interested in disassembling it and making a 
> new version, but I need some information first:
> a) What's the meaning of the $0320-$032x I/O-Port registers? 
> b) How do I read a whole track from a 1541 disk using Catweasel, and in what 
> form do I get the data? MFM-encoded, or something?
> c) How do I adjust drive speed?
> d) What drive commands are available, and how does it work?
> I.e. I'd need a Catweasel programming manual. Any help?
> Yours

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