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From: MagerValp (MagerValp_at_panini.cling.gu.se)
Date: 2005-07-26 21:21:38

Just a few things to remember about the cbm-hackers mailing list:

  * You can only post using the same address that you're subscribed with

    If you're forwarding your email or reading it with a webmail such
    as yahoo or hotmail, you can not post to the list. This is
    necessary to keep spam off the list.

  * If your mail bounces you are unsubscribed

    If your mailbox fills up or your mail server dies, you will be
    unsubscribed. I usually give it a couple of days, but after a
    while I have to remove the address or I'll be swamped in bounces.

  * If you enable vacation messages, make sure it doesn't reply to the
    list (or any other mailing list for that matter)

    Again, this will get you unsubscribed as the list fills up quickly
    with noise.


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