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From: Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) (
Date: 2005-07-26 15:18:09

Hallo allemaal,

Last two weeks I was on 'vacation' at home. Although Per changed my email
address temporary, I just found out that non of the replies I sent from home
arrived at CBM-hackers. So....

Japanese ROMs:
 I burned two 2764's and it seems my C64 now is able to produce Japanese
characters. Remark: I first used a 2532 for the CHARROM but the 350 ns.
probably is too slow as some pixels on the left side of the characters kept
on flickering a bit. Pressing the C=/shift combination only made it worse.
Remark on this action: the characters remained uppercase, is this suppose to

'vet cool':
 This is indeed used in Dutch but only the last years AFAIK. When my two
sons (8 and 10) started to use it, it cought my attention. In this case I
forbid them to use this particular combination for nothing more then that I
disliked this combination. IMHO it is a complete rape of the the word 'vet'
(= fat/fett). And there exist two nice Dutch words that say about the same:
'maf' and 'gaaf' where 'maf' can be translated like 'weird'. 'gaaf'
originally means whole, perfect or undamaged but it got a second meaning
during the 50's now also means 'cool'. But from the 70's on the Dutch
started import foreign words, mostly strong language. Having been a naval
officer and therefor having met quite some English and American colleagues,
I know that the word 'shit' is quite rude (more in the UK then in the USA
IMHO). But in the Netherlands this word is used just as strong language to
express your feeling at that moment. Using 'shit' will only notify other
people that something has gone wrong but, strangely enough, using the Dutch
translation will classify you as an uncultivated guy. The trick for us Dutch
is not to use that word when being abroad, particulary when being in England
(I really had some explaning to do). 

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