Re: Fett OT (was Re: Verkantet in English)

From: Rainer Buchty (
Date: 2005-07-25 16:16:22

>same in just changed meaning in the 80s. can be compared
>with the english word "gay" which originally means "happy", not

Not to think of "ficken", which originally meant "to fidget", and even
my grandparents would still use the term "fickerig" for "nervous,

Cameron: You can safely use "geil" these days to describe excitement, at 
least in a colloquial athmosphere. Still no word you wouldn't use at a 
business meeting or in front of your s/o's parents. 

"Ne geile Tochter hamse da" would probably not be a sentence they'd like 
to hear :)


(Now if I could remember that joke about the 3 guys who'd take a
farmer's daughters out but had to rhyme what they plan for the evening.  
Goes like "Hi, my name is Lance and I'll take your daughter out for a
dance." ... The third guy just made it to "Hi, my name is Chuck" when he
got shot by the father :)

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