Re: A session with my VIC-20

From: Mark (
Date: 1999-08-24 02:10:46

On 20-Aug-99, Carlsson, Anders wrote:
> 1. My 1084S monitor (which I use with the Amiga) has trouble with
>   vertical sync (I think it is called - the picture is scrolling
>   from top to bottom) on CVBS signal when the border colour is light.
>   I.e. the startup cyan/white combination will scroll and colour
>   is gone, but if I do "POKE36879,24" to get black/white, the screen
>   is stable and colours re-appear.

I have an old 1084 (made in 1987) that has a problem which may be similar. On
this, if the image brightness quickly changes (e.g. screen flashes white), the
monitor loses vertical sync momentarily.

My guess is that this could be fixed by replacing the electrolytic capacitors
inside with new ones.

-- Mark

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