CBM 8280

From: Bo Zimmerman (bo_at_zimmers.net)
Date: 1999-08-26 17:04:47

There comes a time when a problem becomes SOOO arcane, that only the
cbm-hackers mailing list can even be considered for presenting it.

Does anyone have information on the CBM 8280 disk drive?  After nearly a
month, I finally have the dadgum thing up and running.  I opened the pack of
3M SS DD 8" disks I got off eBay and tried to format one.  The drive
consistantly returned a read error on track 1, sector 0.

Now, I know that many IBM-ready 5.25" disks are unusable in Commodore disks
drives.  I assume that is because GCR uses more of the disk surface than
MFM, and that many IBM-ready floppies aren't high enough quality.  Could
this be a similar version of this problem?  Also, I noticed that none of the
8" disks were notched -- is there no write-protect feature on 8" disks then?

   Surely one of you fine gents, especially you good folk overseas, has some
information on this old battleship.


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