(fwd) ATN: Major update at The X1541 Shop!

From: Keith (kew_at_teleport.com)
Date: 1999-08-23 18:46:53

On Mon, 23 Aug 1999 03:36:38 -0700, in comp.emulators.cbm Joe Forster/STA <staNOztSPAM@c64.org>

Hello everyone, as promised, I did a major update on The
X1541 Shop at


and now there are separate info pages for each product we 
sell. Furthermore, there's a new, hopefully better, page
describing all the cables supported by The Star Commander at


which also has links to the info pages of each cable.
Please, note that, at this moment, there are no circuit
diagrams published on any of the pages, I or Mr.Axel gotta
draw them first... ;-) The only board diagram, that of the
upcoming XEP1541 adaptor (check out its info page, by the
way!), will also be published when we, at last, finish it
within a week or two.

During the update, I moved two pages:

http://sta.c64.org/x1541.txt to
http://sta.c64.org/sccables.html and

http://sta.c64.org/techinfo.txt to

and deleted two pages:

http://sta.c64.org/intro.txt and

There are redirection and warning pages at these four URL's
but, please, update your links and bookmarks as soon as

And, pretty PLEEZ, don't confuse yourself and others by
using links (in your programs, on your Web pages, in your
NEWS articles, whatever) to the physical location of my
pages. All URL's should be subpages of the main site at


All comments and corrections about the new and updated pages
are welcome. Thanks in advance!

Joe Forster/STA

P.S.: I've said it enough but gotta say it again: thanks to
Slaygon/Censor for the E-mail and URL redirection! :-)

P.S. #2: Doesn't "ATN" look better in a Commodore newsgroup
than "ATTN"? 8-)

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