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From: Levente Hársfalvi (
Date: 1999-06-28 09:09:55


> Ah. In that case it's likely that all OPL3s out there will be SMT, since
> the ones in the first SoundBlaster that used them were SMT. Unless anyone
> finds some standard 0.1 inch DIL versions, I will be unlikely ever to
> build the upgraded stereo version of the sound expander myself.


Well, it's a bit harder to make an SMT board, ...even soldering,
desoldering an SMT chip is horrible; but it's definitely possible. Once
I needed a 62256 Sram, so I removed one from a HDD (SMT, of course);
then placed the thingy to a DIL28 socket, soldered the pins to the
socket's pins by small wires, then applied some glue (epoxy) to fix
everything in its place. It still works ;-)

Guess designing the appropriate board is much like designing a THT one.
Well, producing the board and soldering the components into place is
much harder.

But you don't have to make everything with SMD's. Only the YMF chip is
involved, all others can still be normal THD's.

> Last night I succeeded in desoldering all the TTL logic chips on the
> board, sadly at the expense of the chips themselves, but never mind - I'll
> buy replacements today. I aim to have the schematic finished by next
> weekend. Putting in an OPL3 chip is simply a matter of deciding which
> address line to use for the chip's extra address pin (A1) and doubling or
> quadrupling the amount of DAC / op-amp circuitry. Apparently OPL3 has four
> channel sound output.

I like this idea.

That's just another thing besides this, I like FM sounds.

> > ...What about reverse engineering the sound thingy, eh?
> The chip itself? Or do you mean the Sound Sampler or Magic Voice?

Nope. I meant this sound expander, thought you still haven't decided to
disassemble and reverse engineer it. Seems like I was definitely wrong

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