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Date: 1999-06-28 10:15:44


I just got that mail. Does anyone know a good website with 
description of software record .TAP files from a tape?


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Andre Fachat wrote:

> wrote:
> > Would anyone be interested in a bag full of these?
> Yes!!! Definitely. The best bet would be to find someone
> to make an electronic copy (.TAP format, of program files) and put
> them on the net somewhere!

    Hello there.  I noticed your posting, and had to reply.  I have a
collection of tapes that have the PET version of the programs on one side, and
the C64 version on the other.  It is in a bundle of tapes by Computech, Vol. 2,
numbered 17 - 32.  Here is a list of the programs.

17.  Draw
18.  Tic-Tac Arith
19.  Othello
20.  Snoopy
21.  Factoring Whole
22.  Snark
23.  Spelling Tutor
24.  Spelling Bee
25.  Whole Numbers
26.  Hangman
27.  Mastermind
28.  Geiger Counter
29.  Percent Drill
30.  Word Hunt
31.  Word Search
32.  Definition Match

    I tested the C64 versions of most of the programs, and all of the ones that
I have tested, worked.  I no longer have a PET to test any of the PET versions,
but I don't see any reason why they wouldn't work as well..  Also, the tapes
don't say which PET's they work on.  I was considering selling off this
package.  But, if you would like for me to make the .TAP of them before I do,
let me know.  The only thing is, I've never used the .TAP hardware/software.  I
use and build X1541 cables and their variations, so I am sure I can build the
needed hardware to do this.  If you could just direct me into a site, I can get
this done over the next couple of weeks.  Let me know either way.


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