Re: Looking for YMF262

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-06-26 10:41:38

On Sat, 26 Jun 1999, Levente Hársfalvi wrote:

> > Slightly off-topic I know but bear with me. I'm looking for a source of
> > Yamaha YMF262 chips - if anyone knows a common soundcard that uses / used
> > them please let me know. This is the original OPL3 sound chip as opposed
> > to the later cost reduced / low power / integrated versions found in
> > laptops etc.
> Both my first soundcards (Sound Blaster Pro II and an Opti 9xx (sorry,
> don't remember; it was manufactured in '94, maybe 80c929)) had a
> separate YMF262 as FM soundgenerator. Both were SMT packaged.

Ah. In that case it's likely that all OPL3s out there will be SMT, since
the ones in the first SoundBlaster that used them were SMT. Unless anyone
finds some standard 0.1 inch DIL versions, I will be unlikely ever to
build the upgraded stereo version of the sound expander myself.

> > Therefore, once I have the Sound
> > Expander's schematic it should be possible to make a stereo 4 operator
> > sound expansion which is backwards-compatible with Commdore's original
> > Sound Expander and the upgraded YM3812 one I mentioned on the list a while
> > back.
> Played with the same idea when you first introduced your experiences
> with the sound expander card.

Last night I succeeded in desoldering all the TTL logic chips on the
board, sadly at the expense of the chips themselves, but never mind - I'll
buy replacements today. I aim to have the schematic finished by next
weekend. Putting in an OPL3 chip is simply a matter of deciding which
address line to use for the chip's extra address pin (A1) and doubling or
quadrupling the amount of DAC / op-amp circuitry. Apparently OPL3 has four
channel sound output.

> ...What about reverse engineering the sound thingy, eh?

The chip itself? Or do you mean the Sound Sampler or Magic Voice?


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