Re: PET/CBM-II docs on funet

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1999-06-24 17:33:32

On Thu, 24 Jun 1999, ken ross wrote:

> is andre fachat losing his website ?


> if so what timescale are we talking about ?

A few weeks, I think.

I am glad to host André's pages on  Actually, I've planned
move my own pages from to there as well, but I haven't gotten
around to do that yet.  Maybe I should start doing something next week,
when I return from Montréal.

André, make a .tar.gz of your cleaned-up pages.  I'm thinking of a
subdirectory /pub/cbm/html that would have e.g. /pub/cbm/html/pet/ which
would be linked from /pub/cbm/pet/html and would have links to firmware/
and schematics/.  Also, if anyone else has suggestions for a better
directory structure (you can get it from /pub/cbm/ALLDIRS or
/pub/cbm/ALLDIRS.html), I'm open for suggestions.  Maybe it's best to
avoid very radical changes.  Send the comments to me or to this list, but
please don't include the full ALLDIRS file in your message.


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