CR-521 (SoundBlaster CDROM drive)

From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 1999-06-24 13:37:23

Okay. I know that this is slightly off-topic, but you guys might be
able to help me out a bit :)

I've got this Creative / Panasonic single-speed CDROM-drive laying
around. It has been staring at me for the last two years, urging me
to do something usefull with it. Anyway, I intend to use the
darn thing in some projects of mine - including connecting it to
a Commodore-8-bit system (Wahey, on-topic again!). The problem is
that I can't find any information about the used protocol. I've 
(kindly) asked Creative about it, but they claim that they
do not have said information anymore, and urge me to contact
Panasonic about it. (it was their drive in the first place). Panasonic
however claims that my drive was an OEM product, which they don't support.

Guess what: They urge me to contact Creative. *sigh*. Both of them aren't
really going to help me, I'm afraid.

Now, there are some pages about this interface on the World Wide Web,
but they mostly deal with the CR-56x drives (double-speed) [1]. To make
things worse: The pinout provided by those pages is the same (from the 
Hardware Cookbook), and it's supposedly wrong[2]. 

Any hints?


PS: So much for consumer support; I bought that darn drive way back in
    '92 for WAY to much money (Fl 1200,--, about $600), when all todays
    Quake-kiddos didn't know about the existance of CDROMs, nor computers.

[1] These drives seem to be incompatible somehow. For instance, the FreeBSD
    driver for these drivers explicitly mentions that the 521 is NOT supported.
    Linux does, however.

[2] But then again, it might be just perfectly valid for my 521..

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